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VI Edition

Los Angeles March 18-21, 2021

Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles


In collaboration with 

APA - Audiovisual Producers Association.


Rome, March 22nd, 2021. The sixth edition of Filming Italy - Los Angeles with the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles, which ran from March 18th to March 21t, 2021 in Los Angeles 90% streaming, in collaboration with APA (Audiovisual Producers Association) and under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Washington and the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, has just concluded.


Created and organized by Tiziana Rocca, Agnus Dei and Valeria Rumori, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles, Filming Italy - Los Angeles not only promotes Italy as a film set and a bridge between Italian and American culture, but also supports Italian cultural growth through its cinema, the internalization of Italian audiovisual products and supports intercultural relations among filmmakers, producers and artists. The Festival, introduced by the Ambassador of Italy in Washington Armando Varricchio and Rodney Ford, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the United States in Italy and concluded by Silvia Chiave, Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles, this year was dedicated to the memory of Lorenzo Soria, former president of the HFPA, who has always supported the event since its first edition. The festival was attended by Joe Buscaino , Los Angeles City Council Member, who presented awards to the Festival from the City of Los Angeles.


"I am very happy with the results of this year's Filming Italy Los Angeles, which has achieved some truly unexpected results. We can definitely say that the festival stood out for the number of masterclasses and webinars, followed by Italy and many American locations, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and New York. There were 5,000 total viewers for about 3,000 hours of viewing, with almost 61,000 page views on the platform. In particular, we had a great response for Oliver Stone with 6,210 page views and 1,478 views of the masterclass on YouTube. The demand has been so high that we decided to leave the availability of the webinars also today and then all the materials will be available on the website of Filming Italy until March 25, the day dedicated to Dante, which will involve other talents in different activities. Many theater and film schools have also joined the festival, so much so that the virtual room has increased from 1500 to 2000 seats to allow all students to participate," said Tiziana Rocca, who is also the Artistic Director of the Festival. "This year, Filming Italy Los Angeles was included by the Italian Embassy in Washington among the events celebrating 160 years of bilateral relations between Italy and the United States, precisely because of the central role that cinema has played over the years in strengthening the strong friendship between the two countries, something that made me particularly honored. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the artists, both Italian and international, who have supported us in this edition, making themselves available even in a complicated period like this and who have contributed to the realization of a unique and special event like this one".


"The decision to make this initiative part of the celebrations for the 160th anniversary of bilateral relations between Italy and the United States is intended to recognize the central role that cinema has played over the years in strengthening the strong friendship between our countries. Countless stories, images, faces and landscapes told with the inimitable power of film have marked the deep relationship between our countries and shaped the popular culture of the two societies. In these complex moments, we will have the opportunity, through this Festival, to reflect on issues of great relevance: from gender equality to the future of the younger generations. I am particularly pleased that also in this path we will be accompanied, once again, by the wisdom and knowledge handed down to us by Dante Alighieri thanks to the initiatives planned on the occasion of DanteDi', also in collaboration with Filming Italy - Los Angeles", underlines the Ambassador of Italy in Washington, Armando Varricchio.


"The 2021 edition of the much-anticipated Filming Italy Los Angeles is unique, the first entirely digital edition, and will offer an even richer panorama of Italian cinema this year," says Valeria Rumori, Director of the Los Angeles Cultural Institute. "It will involve well-known Italian and international artists, with the aim of enhancing and promoting Italy, its language, its art and its territories. The Institute of Culture devotes particular attention during the year to the promotion of Italian cinema, with dedicated initiatives in the Southwest of the United States, also presented with Italian and local partners. Los Angeles will also commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante's death with various events organized by the Institute throughout the year, including the original Dante on Film on the importance of the poet in American cinema.

March 25th will in fact be the official day dedicated to Dante Alighieri in Italy and in the world, and Filming Italy LA: Dante 700 will be presented: a review that will include the screening of the silent film L'inferno by Francesco Bertolini with the Cineteca di Bologna, as well as exclusive Dante readings by special guests. Among them: William Baldwin, Salvatore Esposito, Claudia Gerini, Monica Guerritore, Danny Huston, Gina Lollobrigida and Michele Placido.  The initiatives are organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles with Agnus Dei Production under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Washington and the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles. Filming Italy LA: Dante 700 will also be presented in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes of Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington".


Black Panther protagonist Winston Duke said, "I believe it is a man's duty to fight for equality and equal rights for women. We need to teach our children from a young age to share, to respect. The role of women is fundamental and there should be more inclusion in all roles of power. As for the future of cinema, I think streaming represents the future because it is freedom. Being able to see what you want, when you want and where you want... it is priceless. However, cinema will never die. The magic of that big dark room is unique. Surely the business will change, I imagine a post-pandemic world where big companies like Netflix and Amazon will be more and more connected and involved with cinema, surely with more investments."


Elena Sofia Ricci said, "Culture and art are our oil. Italy is the country with the largest artistic heritage in the world and we are among the last to invest in culture and entertainment. Moreover, this little that is invested yields about 6% of GDP, apart from this year for obvious reasons. The relationship between the spectator in the theater and the performer on stage, that osmosis, is something unique and unrepeatable; I think we would always need live entertainment. As far as the future of cinema is concerned, I think that the beauty of entering a theater to see a film will never end.


These are all the artists involved during the Festival: Oliver Stone, who held a masterclass live from the States in which he talked about his latest book; Matteo Garrone, who received the Filming Italy Best Movie Award for directing the film Pinocchio; Edoardo Ponti, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Director for "The Life Ahead." Gabriele Salvatores, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Documentary award for "Fuori era primavera - Viaggio nell'Italia del lockdown"; Tiziano Ferro, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Documentary award for "Ferro"; Claudia Gerini, who received the Filming Italy Award and the special prize "LAZIO TERRA DI CINEMA" presented by Dr. Albino Ruberti "To the actress that the Lazio Region has chosen to represent Italy"; Sidney Sibilia together with Lucio Pellegrini; Giulio Base; Maria Sole Tognazzi; Paola Cortellesi, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Actress in a Tv Series for "Petra"; Jackie Cruz; John Turturro; Carol Alt; Cecilia Peck, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Woman Power Tv Series for "Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult"; Oscar winners Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Achievement Award; Valentina Lodovini, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Actress for "10 Days with Santa Claus." Gianmarco Tognazzi; Jean Sorel; Vincent Spano; Stefania Sandrelli, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Achievement Award; Alice Rohrwacher and JR; and Susanna Nicchiarelli, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Director for "Miss Marx." Elena Sofia Ricci, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Actress in a TV Movie for "Rita Levi-Montalcini"; Bella Thorne, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Actress; Giovanni Veronesi, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Director for "Tutti per 1 - 1 per tutti"; Margherita Buy, who received the Filming Italy Los Angeles Pomellato Award; Rocco Papaleo; Winston Duke; and Harvey Keitel, honorary chairman of the festival.


During Filming Italy Los Angeles 2021, Carlo Verdone and Margherita Buy received the IIC Los Angeles Creativity Award, a recognition of Italian excellence in the world in every creative field. Already awarded to prominent film personalities - among others Monica Bellucci, Claudia Cardinale, Gina Lollobrigida, Claudia Gerini, Mario Martone, Gianfranco Rosi, Lina Wertmüller and Gabriele Salvatores - the award consists of an original work created especially for the Institute by renowned artist and designer Emilio Cavallini, inspired by the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome.


An institutional panel was also held: "Film, fiction and documentaries "one off" to the test of streaming. From necessity to virtue: How distribution strategy has been integrated in the pandemic era and what are the consequences on creativity and film production", attended by Paolo Del Brocco (CEO RAI Cinema), Steven Gaydos (Vice President, Executive Editor at Variety), Francesco Bruni (President of the 100Autori Association), Patrick Corcoran (Vice President National Association of Theatre Owners), Giancarlo Leone (President APA), Mario Lorini (President ANEC), Carlo Verdone (Director), Roberto Stabile (Head of International Relations ANICA), Piera Detassis (President and Artistic Director of the Academy of Italian Cinema - David di Donatello Awards). During the meeting, moderated by Nick Vivarelli of Variety, there was there was also a video message from Nicola Borrelli (General Direction Cinema Audiovisual - MiBACT),


Other artists instead greeted and presented their films to the audience before the screenings, among them: Serena Rossi, Giampaolo Morelli, Valeria Golino, Giorgio Pasotti, Marco Bocci, Fabio De Luigi, Pietro Castellitto; the D'Innocenzo brothers, Lillo, Andrea Delogu, Ginevra Elkann, set designer Dimitri Capuani, writer Stefano Pistolini and Maria Pia Ammirati, Director of RAI Fiction, who presented Carosello Carosone, the festival's opening film. And also: Thierry Frémaux, the Director of the Cannes Film Festival, who to celebrate 125 years since the birth of Cinema introduced with a special video the film Lumière! La scoperta del Cinema; Marco Tardelli, who lent his voice to introduce the docufilm on Paolo Rossi.


The themes that the Festival has explored this year, through the screenings of films, TV series, unpublished and unedited docufilms, short films and also within the master classes, are human rights, the future of young people, equal opportunities with the enhancement of women in the world of Cinema and the restart of the film and television machine after the lockdown. Confirmed also this year the collaboration with Women in Film, TV & Media Italia. Born in Los Angeles, WIF has been supporting women working in the world of cinema and behind the camera since 1973. Today, WIF organizations around the world are working for a more equitable industry through awareness programs, incentives and legal support. From this partnership the Woman Power Award was born, to support women in the film industry: talented screenwriters, actresses and producers.


Filming Italy - Los Angeles, in almost entirely digital mode, was held on the streaming platform MyMovies, which created for the occasion a 2000-seat virtual theater for the Los Angeles audience, which also included producers, distributors, artists and Italian and film departments of local universities.  The online screenings were visible only in the United States and met the expected parameters of security and computer protection with Hollywood Grade DRM.


Past Filming Italy awardees include: Gina Lollobrigida, Rosario Dawson, Monica Bellucci, Abrima Erwiah, Paz Vega, Danny Huston, Vincent Spano, Oliver Stone, Valeria Golino, Riccardo Scamarcio, Cecilia Peck, Jonàs Cuaròn, Jeremy Renner, Andie MacDowell, Nat Wolff, Zack Peck, Lola Karimova, Spike Lee, David Cronenberg, Claudia Cardinale, Edward James Olmos, Raoul Bova, Nolan Funk, Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, Steven Gaydos, Salvatore Esposito.


At Filming Italy Los Angeles 2021, the Lazio Region presented the opportunities put in place for the audiovisual world, a sector that has seen the presence of international co-productions grow in Lazio in recent years, thanks to the many measures to support the sector, including the call for proposals "Lazio Cine-International", now in its fifth year with a total budget of 43,817,534 euros. With "Lazio Cine-International" important films shot in Lazio locations have been supported, wonderful natural sets that are increasingly sought after by great directors and actors of international level. To date, 116 co-productions have been made between Lazio film companies in partnership with foreign audiovisual companies financed by the Lazio Region: feature films, fiction, documentaries and animated films that have won 86 awards at national and international festivals and received 134 nominations. With the support to cinema, the Lazio Region gives value to film productions and to the whole sector, to enhance, even in such a complex historical period, a central sector in the cultural, social and economic life of our country.


Also this year, Filming Italy - Los Angeles has partnered with Italy for Movies (, the portal of locations and production incentives coordinated by the General Directorate for Cinema and Audiovisual of MiBACT, managed by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà in collaboration with Italian Film Commissions, also available on app and downloadable on digital stores. The portal provides all the useful information on locations and incentives available for those who want to shoot their film in Italy, as well as many curiosities and travel tips for fans who want to visit the places of the films.

Filming Italy - Los Angeles had been supported by the major Italian production and distribution companies and national majors, such as RAI Cinema, RAI Fiction, SKY Italia, Vision, Cattleya, Greenland, Eagle Pictures, Notorious Pictures, Discovery Italia, Fandango, Altre Storie, The Match Factory, True Colours, Taodue, Rodeo Drive, Istituto Luce , HBO Sports, Medusa, Minerva Pictures, House of Film and several other independent Italian productions, often in international co-productions with Netflix and Amazon.

For issues related to environmental protection, Filming Italy - Los Angeles renews its collaboration with FareAmbiente, the European environmental movement for sustainable development, whose president is the philosopher Vincenzo Pepe.

Filming Italy - Los Angeles is attentive to the care and safeguard of the environment, in fact it has all its awards made with eco-sustainable and recycled materials, to promote environmental protection and show that even on these occasions it is possible to consider the planet by using materials such as glass, a "green carpet" and recycled materials.

The Festival this year also enjoys the collaboration of Never Alone, an initiative of the CHOPRA FOUNDATION that aims to help young people with disorders and discomforts, thanks to communities in which to talk and address the problems. On this occasion will be screened a video of its founder, the medical pioneer of integrative medicine, Deepak Chopra.


Organized by Tiziana Rocca, Agnus Dei and Valeria Rumori, Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles


Under the patronage of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Economic Development and MiBACT "With the recognition of the General Directorate for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism"


Under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Washington and the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles.


In collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy, special thanks for the support for the masterclasses of Oliver Stone, Cecilia Peck, John Turturro, Jackie Cruz, Winston Duke.


In collaboration with APA - Audiovisual Producers Association.


With the partnership of Regione Lazio.


With the support of S.N.C.I. - Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani.


Under the patronage of: ICE - Italian Trade & Investment Agency, Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, ANICA - National Association of Cinematographic Audiovisual Multimedia Industries, CONI - Italian National Olympic Committee, ITALY FOR MOVIES, ANEC - National Association of Cinema Exhibitors, CNA Cinema and Audiovisual, Women in Film, TV & Media Italia, WIF Los Angeles, 100autori - Association of Cinetelevisual Authorship, ROMA LAZIO FILM COMMISSION, FareAmbiente.


MEDIA PARTNERS: Affaritaliani.It, Best Movie, Box Office, Cinecittà News, Cinematografo.It, Corriere della Sera, Film 4 Life, Fred Radio, Grazia, MyMovies, Rai Movie, Rai Cinema Channel, Variety.


CHARITY PARTNERS: FareAmbiente, Telethon, Never Alone.


TECHNICAL PARTNERS: Making Beauty Master Academy by Chiara Corsaletti, Vanini - Icam, Simone Belli, Cotril.




La Cineteca di Bologna, which gave us the opportunity to screen "Filming Italy: Dante 700" the film restored by the Cineteca "L'inferno" directed by Francesco Bertolini in 1911.


Pomellato, a jewelry brand founded in 1967 in Milan, with its 'Pomellato For Women' initiative, launched to celebrate the Maison's 50th anniversary, highlights the importance of female leadership, as well as listening, empowerment, promoting inclusion and achieving gender equality.


Cioccolato Vanini and the leading company in the industry ICAM, which has always been very close to the growth of people, especially young people, wanted to support the Festival and the film industry, particularly affected by the pandemic.


The producer Adriana Chiesa Di Palma for her constant dedication to quality European independent cinema, which is reflected in the activity of the company ACEK Srl.


“Sartoria Tirelli”, a cornerstone in the history of Italian entertainment, has created garments and costumes for the greatest international films and plays and has contributed to the popularity of famous Italian costume designers. Dino Trappetti and Sartoria Tirelli congratulate Matteo Garrone for the Filming Italy Los Angeles Best Movie award: "Pinocchio has enchanted us all. In addition, we take this opportunity to congratulate once again Massimo Cantini Parrini for the Oscar nomination for best costumes. We are honored to have been able to create these special costumes with the dedication and quality that has always set us apart."


Montegrappa fountain pens, small masterpieces made in Italy and perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation since 1912, with which several artists of this edition will be awarded.


San Benedetto, with its ecological cans and glass bottles, is one of the first companies to pay attention to the environment and to the problem of excess plastic.


EDI - Effetti Digitali Italiani, a company made in Italy and leader in the field of visual effects, which uses only renewable energy.



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